Basic definition of the New Gambler

basic principle of a new gambler

You need to know some basic principles of gambling before even trying to get started with sports trading. Find out here!

Before entering the bets, there are certain aspects that it is important to take into account

No matter how little importance the new gambler may give to the fact of making money with betting, betting should also not be seen as an act of “throwing money in the trash”, so it is convenient to pay attention to some basic concepts.

The truth is that each gambler learns from his experience and from his gains and/or losses and ends up developing his own betting methods, but there are almost universal principles and (some of them) quite simple, that can make the difference between winning and losing.

First of all, it’s important to bet minimally documented… And when we say minimally we are already being nice, because the truth is that the more information about the teams, the players and facts related to a certain game we have in our possession, the safer we can be than we bet.

For those who start betting, it’s not always easy to resist the call of so many markets and so many offers, but at the beginning it’s sensible to bet on sports that we dominate, on championships that we know, on teams about which we have some knowledge, both in relation to the players that compose them, as in relation to possible casualties due to injury, disciplinary impediments or possible savings in those same teams.

basic principle of a new gambler

It is also important to know the current and recent form of the teams they face and be aware of statistical data and, if possible, even some statistical curiosities regarding direct confrontations or certain players, which may prove to be good betting possibilities.

It is very common, in the early days, to see new bettors bet for several times guided only by the names of the teams or the values in question. Who has no experience in betting can easily fall into several mistakes.

One of them is to think that because the value attributed to the victory of a certain team is $1.10 or $1.20 that team has the victory “guaranteed”, which is not true. Another temptation that one often falls into is to make so-called “multiple millionaires”, with exorbitant total odds that are a sight for sore eyes, but whose odds of winning are minimal.

In a game there is not only one market! Therefore, the right dose of weighting and study can lead the gambler to choose the best market and the odds that present themselves with more value, among the wide range of options

In the world of gambling, it is advisable to separate the heart from reason. There are those who can’t… and it is for those who this advice is most suitable.

Be very careful when it comes time to bet on the club of the heart. The irrationality of the supporter can lead to believe that “my club never loses”, but that’s not quite so…. And if you bet on a game where the team of the heart loses, the defeat and the malaise will be double.

It’s also important to resist addiction and impulse. Many times a bet is made for the simple fact of being in front of the computer, with nothing to occupy the time, ending up betting on modalities and sports of which we have almost no knowledge.

This can be a mistake… You can even hit the first, the second, the third, but we must be aware that we are shooting in the dark, otherwise the fall will be bigger, faster and much more painful than the rise.

Losses are a risk inherent to betting and are a “certainty”, because nobody always wins. Learning to live with it will be one of the first steps to take to reach success in the medium or long term

Everybody loses bets, some more often, some less, but you can be sure that everybody fails. Therefore, it is important to be calm when it comes to recovering eventual losses.

Trying to recover immediately, without taking a deep breath and without studying the next games, can be fatal and lead to losses becoming almost exponential. Many times, the best is to put a brake, rest, think well, study the games of the next days and try to recover little by little and in a sustained way. In gambling, haste is not usually a good companion.

A lot of attention to the values that are bet in each game. By the way, this will be one of the subjects to approach more deeply ahead, when we talk about bank management, but it’s important that the new gamblers understand the risks inherent to betting very high amounts.

Big risks can lead to big gains, but also to big losses and the “all-in” is not a good policy

It is not mandatory, but it can be beneficial, betting on quiet surroundings and a state of peace of mind, so to speak. Betting while concentrating on other tasks can lead to making mistakes. And in betting the mistakes are, several times, incorrigible.

It is highly advisable to bet with the necessary time, calmly, with concentration and never under nervous or alcoholic states of change. That is, if you arrive at night, after a night out with your friends, well watered, well amused, maybe you should lie down, rest and the next day think about betting.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands this point, but all those who attend the Bet Wins Forum, where there is sharing of knowledge and guesses about various bets and markets, will have already seen episodes of “someone else’s guilt” by some users when they lose their bets.

Betting requires great power of fit. Bad luck exists, the balls hit the poles, the referees don’t always see everything, the striker doesn’t always have cold blood when he’s face to face with the goalkeeper…

All these are premises of the sport and we have to know how to live with them and accept that sometimes we will be touched by luck and sometimes by bad luck. But some people have great difficulty in accepting this and in becoming familiar with it. Well… the sooner you do it, the better for your well being and even for your health, believe me!

More importantly: when you attend such forums where there is knowledge sharing, be aware that no guess is infallible. No matter how well-founded you are, no matter how much the bet seems to have everything to work out, it may not work out. And if you follow someone’s guesses, take that risk as your own

In case of defeat, don’t blame the person who made the guess, because that person certainly only wanted to help and didn’t make the guess to make a mistake.

Every time we bet, even with an idea launched by someone else, from the moment we submit the bet, it is ours.

If we win, the profit will be ours. If we lose, the loss and the guilt will also have to be ours. Coming to the forum to “collect” the guilt to the one who gave the guess is wrong and it gets bad. Because in case of victory, they also don’t ask the NIB to transfer the profits to the guesser.

In short, the most basic principle and the first one that all bettors should fix is RESPONSIBILITY. Each one is responsible for his account and his money and must make a calculated, conscious and considered management of his bets.

If to this is added the right dose of study, strategy and attention, the first steps to success are taken. Then you have to have the notion that everybody makes a mistake and everybody falls… The difference between the good gamblers and the others is in learning from each mistake and each fall.

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